How sleep can help you clean your brain

How sleep can help you clean your brain

How sleep can help you clean your brain.

A new study from the University of Rochester and published in Science found that brain cells of mice actually shrink while they are sleeping. This reduction in the size of the brain cells creates up to 60% percent more space between them, allowing the cerebral spinal fluid to flow up to 10 times faster in the brain than when compared to active daytime.

The cerebral spinal fluid is a clear and colorless fluid found in the spine and the brain. The fluid serves as a vital function in cerebral blood flow and cerebral autoregulation.

The researchers found out that due to this increase in cerebral spinal fluid flow, the brain actually flushes out toxins and other molecular detritus. They define and compare this process of the brain as a “biological dishwasher”.

If you want to keep your brain healthy in the long run, make sure to sleep sufficiently and to continue your brain training exercises on a weekly basis. Remember also that sleep helps you consolidate your precious memory!

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