Problems at school? Types and signs of teen depression

If we have learned anything from the movies about high school, it’s that being a teenager is complicated. The football players and cheerleaders rule the school and set rules that make anyone who isn’t in the popular group is a loser. This is an exaggeration of reality, but suffice it to say that being a teenager is tough. It is a time of change and personal discovery. We try to find out our place in the world, we try to find out who our friends are, and we really try to find out who we are. With time, the insecurity and self-consciousness may have more serious consequences than not having a date to prom. This is why is is so important to know the signs of teen depression.

Problems at school?
Problems at school?

Depression at this point in life could be due to hereditary factors, drugs and alcohol, or increased depressive states, which has escalated in industrialized countries over the last decade. Teens from large communities often suffer from emotionally damaging situations like divorce, work problems, loss of a loved one, break-ups, academic failure, etc.

In other cases, depression can be a passing reaction to a stressful situation like puberty, body changes, and lack of independence from parents. In more extreme circumstances, it could also be due to child abuse, eating disorders, or low self-esteem.

As you can see, this disorder is related to all kinds of social factors and normal developmental changes. In some cases this is a passing problem that won’t cause any serious consequences, but if the following symptoms seem familiar and persistent, you should see a specialist.

Signs of teen depression

  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping a lot.
  • Loss of appetite or over eating.
  • Low self-esteem and feeling guilty.
  • Irritable, serious, or distant.
  • Low decision making and concentration abilities.
  • Being irresponsible and criminal behavior.
  • Little interest in activities and hobbies that they used to like.
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.

Depending on the amount and duration of these symptoms, we can classify depression into one of 3 types of depression:

Severe depression: With this grade of depression, the teen will suffer from most of the symptoms we described. It will prevent them from doing everyday activities and living a normal life.

Moderate depression: This teen has many of the signs of depression and problems facing daily life.

Mild depression: the teen will only have some of the symptoms mentioned and can continue with a normal life, although it may be very difficult for them.

It is important to treat any type of depression ad soon as possible so it doesn’t worsen and cause damage to the brain structure, as explained in this article.