Painting Is Beneficial For Autistic Children: Iris Grace, The Little Genius

Iris Grace is a 6 year-old autistic girl who is fascinated by three things: her cat, Thula, playing the violin, and painting. There’s nothing more calming for little Iris than having a paintbrush in her hands and painting the world she sees on paper. Because of her passion, Iris has become world famous, and its because for Iris, painting isn’t just a hobby, it’s the way that she relates and understands the world. We’ll tell you more about the story of the little genius and how painting is beneficial to autistic children.

Painting Is Beneficial For Autistic Children: Iris Grace, The Little Genius

Many experts relate Iris’ paintings to those of Monet, because of the intense colors she uses. Blues, grays, whites, pinks, yellows… Iris’ paintings are full of warmth, and have caused galleries and different collectors to create a kind of following for the 6 year-old painter.

As you would expect, Iris’ parents are very proud of her but they’re even happier that she is able to express herself through painting. They say that, before finding painting, Iris was a very closed-off child, as she has quite a severe type of autism that makes her language and social interaction very scarce. Iris also suffers from panic attacks and could only calm herself down by listening to music. However, painting has given her a new way to relate to her environment, and in some ways, a new life. This is a list that shows how painting is beneficial for autistic children.

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Painting is Beneficial for Autistic Children

-Helps them express themselves, which is something very helpful for shy people or someone with communication problems.

-It’s a type of therapy, as it helps to remove the child from their chaotic reality, freeing them from anxiety and stress.

-If you paint calmly and not for any specific outcome, it helps raise self-esteem and individuality.

-Holding and working with a paintbrush strengthens motor skills and stimulated brain connections.

Improves concentration and emotional intelligence.

Helps create an appreciation for art

Help the child socialize and have fun, which is great for everyone, especially autistic children!

Iris’ story is so inspirational that she’s become an example for many autistic children. Aside from famous painters, stars like Ashton Kutcher and Daniel Radcliffe have promoted her work, which has helped invest in help centers for autistic children and help other children like Iris find new ways to express themselves.