Learn How To Take Care Of Yourself: How To Prevent Brain Cancer

When treating brain cancer, specialists aren’t usually sure what is the actual cause of the different tumors that they see, but that do know that there are different risk factors that may make someone more likely to have this disease. We’ll tell you some of these risk factors and how to prevent brain cancer.

How to prevent brain cancer

How to prevent brain cancer

Risk factors for brain cancer

Among the risk factors for getting cancer are age, exposure to radiation, and having another type of cancer that extends to the brain.

The older you are, the higher risk you have of getting this disease. Recognizing this is important so that you can seek medical help immediately if you notice some of the symptoms of this illness.

Learn about any history of cancer in your family. If you have family members who have had tumors, you’re at a higher risk of developing brain cancer.

Some types of radiation may increase your risk of developing brain cancer. If you’re undergoing therapy for another type of cancer, you probably can’t avoid ionized radiation that is used in these therapies. As far as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, be sure to use sunscreen and avoid being out in the sun too much. There is no proof that radiation from phones or microwaves increase the risk of tumors.

Tips to prevent brain cancer

Change what you eat: Eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables, and keeping your cholesterol low helps prevent brain tumors. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout childhood, you may be less likely to develop this kind of cancer. Eating well is a great way to stave off cancer, as this video explains.

Limit alcohol consumption: The excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol may cause some illnesses that put you at risk for cancer, like lung cancer caused by tobacco. If someone develops this type of cancer because of smoking, it could also cause liver problems, and may spread to the brain.

Exercise regularly: Try to workout or exercise a few days a week. Cardiovascular exercises may keep you healthy and reduce your risk of brain cancer. Try to run, swim, walk, ride a bike, etc. a few times a week.

Visit your doctor regularly: Getting your annual check-up is important, especially is your having any kind of abnormal symptom. Identifying a brain tumor in its early stages greatly increases the ability to treat it.