Can You Get Smarter? How To Improve Your IQ

We’ve already talked about what IQ is and how it’s measured, now we’ll talk about how, even though there are innate intelligence levels, there are ways to increase our intelligence. Below we’ll talk about how to improve your IQ.

How to improve your IQ

How to improve your IQ

Have fun while exercising your brain

You already know that there are games that can help you increase your intelligence level and improve your IQ, like Sudoku, chess, etc. Once you master those games, try something else and master that as well. Once you start to be good at something, your brain stops working as hard, which is why finding new brain games and challenges is so important.

Video games or brain agility games may be a good way to stimulate your brain and improve your IQ. Find games that are designed by neurologists, because they are more effective and professional. CogniFit is a great resource because it is designed to stimulate cognitive abilities and brain plasticity. This program assesses your agility level and automatically presents you with challenging mental games that are adapted to your specific profile. These exercises make you think quickly and generate different brain strategies to solve puzzles and problems. After each session, CogniFit evaluates your results and progress. More and more private companies use these systems to examine different candidates for jobs, so it’s not a bad idea to get comfortable with these tools that might help your brain work more efficiently.

Challenge your brain: Solve logic and lateral thinking puzzles, do math exercises, you can even take a crack at cryptology (decoding a message using a code). There are a ton of these games online that will help you think differently and train different areas of your brain.

How to improve your IQ- Train your body and mind

Doing some physical exercise can keep your body and mind in shape, because exercise improves circulation and increases blood flow that reaches the brain, which helps create new connections between neurons.

Just like your body needs to move and suffers when you’re sitting all day, your brain also needs activity, which is why we recommend that you continually try new things. Try learning a new language, or find out more about something you like-like painting, music, etc. These experiences cause you to release dopamine, a hormone that increases neurons and causes a sensation of pleasure.

How to improve your IQ

How to improve your IQ

You can also think about new ways to do daily activities. You can try to take a new route to work or school. It seems silly, but our routine allows us to do these things without thinking. While it’s helpful sometimes, it also makes our brains go into a sort of stand-by mode, which isn’t doing anything to help our brain. If you can keep these routines from becoming routine, you can keep your brain challenged and active.

Try to write with pen and paper every once in a while, it’ll help improve your visual stimulation. If you’re going to write something on the computer, try writing the draft by hand. Writing it will stimulate the other side of the brain.

If you’re a student, put the time in to study. Most majors require an intensive learning that will help keep your brain in shape and improve your cognitive abilities.

Be sociable and cultivate your culture

Talk to other people and learn about different opinions and points of view. You may have to defend your view and adapt to different social situations and ideas, which will make you think differently.

Be observant and try to see the relation between different events. If someone is upset with you, don’t limit yourself to thinking “my friend got mad”, try to see the relationship between this and recent events. Think about the other factors that may lead to different reactions. This will make your brain think on different levels and will keep it from getting comfortable.

Listening to music can be beneficial, especially when there are cultural expressions that may help you improve your intelligence: films, theaters, books… All of these activities are beneficial for your brain, especially reading because it improves your comprehension and it makes you think critically.

These are some tips to improve your IQ, but the key is to keep your brain active! Remember that even though it doesn’t seem like it, it is a muscle and needs to be worked out!