How to Handle Aggressiveness In Children With ADHD

It’s important to know how to handle aggressiveness in children with ADHD, as children who suffer from this disorder are impulsive because of their excessive energy, which may lead them to act without thinking. Having to constantly control their energy is tiring, and when they aren’t able to keep it in, they end up bursting with angry words or actions.

Children who have ADHD also have problems properly controlling their emotions. It’s pretty common for ADHD children to have less stable emotions than other’s because they suffer from mood swings and react impulsively, rather than weighing their actions and judging outcomes.

how to handle aggressiveness in children with adhd

These outbursts may also be due to frustration.  Another trigger for these outbursts may be self-esteem problems or the effects of the medication which results in irritability and outburst of anger.

How to Handle Aggressiveness in Children With ADHD: Practical Tips

If your child has ADHD and can’t control his or her anger, try to provide an appropriate outlet for their energy and emotions. Children with ADHD tend to find relief in playing sports and exercising. Sign them from for some type of extracurricular activity, like football or swimming, or just bring them to the park so they can run and be outside with other kids. By doing these types of activities everyday, they’ll end up tiring themselves out and will be less aggressive.

It’s also very important to be aware of what games or activities your child is playing at home. Children may have access to inappropriate or aggressive programs on the computer or TV. Many parents blame the TV for their child’s violence, but in reality it has very little to do with what they see on TV. However, children with ADHD more more susceptible to violent manifestations. This is why you should establish rules and talk to your child about the reasons why they shouldn’t play violent video games or watch overly-violent movies or TV shows.

agressiveness in ADHD children

Our final recommendations about how to handle aggressiveness in children with ADHD is to make some rules that are easy to understand, and make sure that they have no questions about them. The best time to bring up these rules are when the child is relaxed and open to talking. Save some time to sit down with them them and talk calmly. Establish rules and make a promise to each other. Your child needs to know what’s expected of him or her, what the consequences are if they don’t follow the rules, and how they will be rewarded for their good behavior.