Do you have problems concentrating? Get to know the symptoms of adult ADHD

What are the symptoms of adult ADHD? Can we figure out if we have this disorder, even as adults? How is it diagnosed? Learn about the signs of hyperactivity and attention disorders in adults!

adult ADHD

I was one of those kids who day dreamed and had a hard time paying attention at school. This often led me to getting yelled at by my teachers and parents, and ultimately getting punished. The alliance between teachers and parents was scarier than fighting alligators, but luckily for children today, this alliance is weakening and parents are siding more with their children.

There have been advancements in child psychology and now, instead of punishing children without asking questions, parents investigate and get information. With the help of a professional, they can find out if their child’s concentration and hyperactivity problem is actually due to ADHD. This pathology is usually detected throughout childhood, but if this disorder isn’t properly identified and is only treated with reproaches, it can last until adulthood.

In adulthood, we show less symptoms of hyperactivity, and they are much less noticeable. As far as symptoms of attention deficit, they are usually apparent when doing tasks or projects, which is why it can affect aspects of daily life. If you think you may have this disorder, it’s important that you check to see if you have any of these symptoms:

Attention problems during adulthood

Attention defict is more pronounced during adulthood, and it is most apparent in attention, concentration, and organizational problems. Someone with adult ADHD will also have problems starting and finishing projects, managing their time, and they may also forget things easily. These problems show themselves in activities that require attention and concentration, so they may have problems in the work force.

Excessive impulsivity

This is caused by a lack of patience and loss of control, which can lead to reckless driving in many people with adult ADHD. This instability and lack of control is also apparent in the frequent changing of partners and jobs. All of this combined with drugs and alcohol, causes fights and clashes in family and social life.

Hyperactivity, one of the main symptoms of adult ADHD

Although it is not as prevalent in adults, hyperactivity can turn into a need for constant activity which transforms into a job addiction.

If after you read this you think you may have ADHD, you should go to a specialist to help get a proper diagnosis. Dr. Ramon Quiroga  explains that diagnosing ADHD in adults may be much easier than diagnosing it in children. To explain how diagnosing adults can be “so much easier”, he related ADHD to a movie. “ADD is a chronic disorder that starts in childhood, an adult allows us to see their movie in 30 frames, one for each year of life, while the child’s movie will only have five, six, or seven frames”.

There are currently rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation programs that can treat weakened neural connections. This ADHD therapy is becoming more and more recommended by professionals. Through simple brain exercises that can be practiced online, you can strengthen attentional domains and correct neuronal errors, which may improve attention and self-control.