Acquired Brain Injury: When a Blow to the Head Gets More Complicated

Acquired brain injury is the consequence of a brain injury that has multiple physical, psychological, and sensory effects. It includes all of the injuries that cause damage in the brains of people who were born without neural disorders, which causes a permanent neural impact and a deterioration of both physical and mental capabilities.

Acquired Brain Injury
Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury can lead to a stroke, which is a clinical condition that results from a sudden interruption of blood flow to the brain. In severe cases, these circulation problems cause loss of function of the part of the brain that was affected.

Another consequence of acquired brain injury is traumatic brain injury (TBI). This may be accompanied by swelling of the brain and can sometimes leave the person in a coma. The depth of this loss of consciousness and its duration are the keys to understanding the severity of brain damage. Depending on how old the patient is, there may be more or less damage. If the brain is in a period of rapid growth, the damage will be greater and more widespread. This means that a child who suffers from brain injury is likely to suffer from more problems than an adult. Some other problems, like Transient Global Amnesia also present with sudden onset memory loss. This, however, isn’t permanent and doesn’t usually have lasting effects. 

Finally, acquired brain damage can also be caused by brain tumors, which is the consequence of an abnormal growth of brain cells that grow and multiply uncontrollably. Chemotherapy can cause cognitive impairments in memory or attention areas, which is why it is important to prevent and treat any cognitive damage that may be caused by this treatment.

CogniFit has a brain training program that measures and develops cognitive skills. Different professionals verify that training consistently can help improve the cognitive abilities that were affected by brain injury. Brain injuries require a lot of treatment and training that must be recommended by a specialist. These fun, simple exercises are available online and can be done without leaving your house. You only need a few minutes a day to improve your most damaged skills.

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