11 Stress Management Tips

11 Stress Management Tips
11 Stress Management Tips

11 Stress Management Tips

Let’s be honest here, having a little stress in life can be quite beneficial. Do you remember how stress motivated you to perform well during your exams or for a job interview? But often — like when you’re stuck in traffic — stress does not do you any good. Having an excessive amount of stress can lead to many issues both physical and mental. For the record, turning to drugs, unhealthy foods and alcohol are not good ways to cope with stress. There are many more healthy alternatives to reduce the amount of stress.

Here are 11 stress management tips to reduce stress

1. Try to exercise a few times a week: Working out can have many positive effects on your body, and it is a great way to alleviate stress. Yoga has also been known to reduce stress.

2. Go for a walk: Sometimes all we need is some fresh air to clear all of our thoughts.

3. Try to get a good night’s rest: Listen, I know how difficult this is to sometimes abide to, but having a good night’s sleep is essential for brain health. On average, you should have about eight hours of sleep every night.

4. Talk to your loved ones: Sometimes all we have to is to talk about your issues with a trusted family member or friend. Getting a different perspective on things can be very beneficial for you.

5. Laugh: Smiling a lot and keeping a positive attitude can do wonders for your overall well being. Not only that, other people will also enjoy being around you.

6. Have better time management skills: Having poor time management skills can be very stressful. For example, if you wait until the last minute on a school or work related project, you are likely going to be stressed out. To prevent this, create a daily planner for yourself.

7. Pursue activity you enjoy: Doing something you love can significantly reduce the amount of stress you have. Music and drawing are just two of the countless hobbies you can pursue.

8. Avoid drug use: While doing drugs can alleviate stress in the short-term, it can be detrimental to your health in the long-term.

9.Eat healthy: Having the right foods can make you less prone to stress. Start by having a healthy breakfast everyday and go from there.

10. Express yourself: If you have an issue, never keep all of your emotions bottled up inside. Nothing will be solved when you keep to yourself.

11. Be thankful: If you are feeling down about yourself, write down all the things you are thankful in life. Some of the things you can be thankful for include: having a career, being healthy and having a loving family and friends.

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