Problems With Your S.O? How To Take The Stress Out Of Sex

Sexual relationships can cause stress for both men and women, and it can be caused by a ton of factors, like an unjustified fear of pregnancy, STDs, embarrassment, or being over-demanding with yourself. These thoughts make us release stress hormones that make it difficult to have intimate relationships. I’ll tell you how to take the stress out of sex so that you can have a happy and healthy sex life.

Take the stress out of sex
Take the stress out of sex

Let yourself enjoy sex

-Talk to your partner about what’s bothering you: don’t keep your negative thoughts to yourself. Share your anxiety with your partner and work together to work it out.

-Trust your partner and yourself: some professionals think that sexual anxiety may be related to social anxiety. The thoughts that are associated with sexual failure are related to the fears that we have about how others perceive us. Trust your partner and don’t be afraid to let them in. Talking and trusting your S.O is the best way to avoid these fears.

You may also feel insecure about some part of your body or how you look. When it comes to these problems, you have to accept yourself and see all of the positive qualities that you have. If you feel comfortable and confident with your body, your partner will see it and be even more attracted to you.

-Don’t be self-conscious: maybe you’re embarrassed about your fantasies or sexual desires, but it’s okay and completely normal to have them. Talk to your partner about these fantasies and see if you can play them out in a safe and comfortable environment. For both of your pleasure, it’s important to be on the same page. If you feel like something is missing and you’re not enjoying yourself, don’t be embarrassed to tell your partner your ideas.

Change how you have sex

-Take a deep breath: before having sex, take a minute to breathe and clear your mind from negative thoughts. If it’s too hard for you to do that, try having sex on a less stressful day when you’re able to clear your mind and enjoy this intimate time.

-Take it easy: taking it slowly in the beginning may help you get in the mindset to have sex. Give your mind and your body some time to change from working mode to a relaxing and intimate state of mind.

-Focus on your S.O: think about how connected you are when you’re together and how happy they make you feel. Enjoy these moments with your partner and let yourself be happy.

-Get rid of expectations: not having expectations if important. It takes away a lot of the pressure that many people feel when they are together.

-Take a break every once in a while: if you cant get over the tension while you’re having sex, you might need to take a break and rest for a minute. Many therapists recommend taking a break until the anxiety passes.

Know when to see a specialist

There are many signs that suggest that you may have too much stress surrounding sex. If you consistently have any of these symptoms and you aren’t able to overcome them on your own, you may want to seek help from a specialist.

Recurring fears about your sexual performance and attractiveness.

-Inability to clear your head of previous sexual issues.

-Problems breathing and controlling your body.

-Erectile dysfunction in men and lack of lubrication in women.

-Constant and exaggerated worry about your sexual performance.

Also keep in mind that going some time without sex may affect your performance. Some illnesses and medications can also affect you, so if you’re on any medications, talk to your doctor before worrying too much. You should know that these problems are very common and all have treatments. So, relax and remember that sooner or later you’ll be able to enjoy sex again, it’s just a question of time and effort.